Exploring cultures and communities – the slow way

We are known primarily for hidden europe magazine of which we have published sixty-four issues thus far — and more are in the pipeline. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Another mainstay of our business is our book Europe by Rail — The Definitive Guide. The 16th edition was published in October 2019 and then updated in early 2020 and in February 2021. It appears under the imprint hidden europe publications.

We also supply articles for various European media and we provide packaged solutions for other publishers. Over the last five years, over 800 articles written in-house at our Berlin offices have been published in English by media around the world. And some of our work has been translated into Polish, Ukrainian, Spanish, Basque, German, Italian and Bulgarian.

People look to us for high-quality prose and creative advice. At heart we are an editorial bureau supplying text and images, with a focus on European culture and travel. We also provide consultancy services in the travel area. We have also worked on projects relating to cultural heritage, educational development, Europe’s minority languages and the high theology of rail ticketing.

In short, we are flexible. If a client wants bold and assertive prose, that’s what we provide. But if the situation demands something more nuanced, then we rise to the occasion and supply text that is balanced and evocative — words worth reading still matter in our world.

Our small team is multi-talented and boasts a number of specialist interests:

  • Issues of culture and community in remote and rural areas of Europe
  • The economic and social dynamics of border regions
  • Rail and ferry transport with emphasis on community development aspects of transport projects
  • Diaspora communities and minorities in Europe

But we span a wide field so think of hidden europe as being the team that combines impeccable research, well-penned prose and sparkling images.

We write with authority and flair for a wide variety of clients — from providing highly focused SEO text for web use by a major British airline or a global travel company to packaging a 600 page book for a specialist Danish publisher. For many clients we source images (often from our own collection), secure rights and permissions and provide media leverage and use viral marketing techniques to ensure that a report is not just published on time but also receives the publicity it deserves.

In addition, we undertake consultancy projects with a strong practical dimension. hidden europe relies upon the creative input and writing skills of Nicky Gardner and Susanne Kries.

Between us, we have over the years undertaken projects funded by:

Our work in the travel and tourism area, or in reporting on aspects of European culture, politics and society, has been supported by dozens of organisations. Below are the names of just a few of those who have helped us over the past couple of years.

The list is not exhaustive, but suffices to give you a good idea of the range of partnerships we have enjoyed:

  • Bell Pottinger Business & Brand
  • Mercury Public Relations
  • Ministry of Industry: Kaliningrad Oblast
  • Catholic University of Lublin
  • The Malta Tourism Authority
  • Office National du Tourisme (Luxembourg)
  • Deutsche Bahn UK
  • Visit Flanders (Toerisme Vlaanderen)
  • Tresco Estate
  • Smyril Line
  • P&O Ferries
  • Eurostar (UK) Limited
  • First Great Western
  • KD Avia
  • Amtrak
  • Park Plaza Hotels Limited
  • TransPennine Express
  • Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of San Marino

Words and / or images by the one or other of us have featured in many media.

Here is a selection of about twenty examples:

  • New Statesman
  • The Independent
  • Journey Magazine
  • CGA Magazine
  • Barents Observer
  • Kyiv Post
  • The Literary Encyclopaedia
  • Times Out Guides Ltd
  • Bradt Travel Guides Ltd
  • Thomas Cook Publishing
  • Bus User
  • The Guardian
  • Leipzig Zeitgeist
  • Buxton Advertiser
  • C-Magazine
  • Russian Life
  • E!Sharp: People, Power and Process in Europe
  • The Lady
  • Globe Magazine
  • My Weekly
  • Sunday Sun