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This is the sixty-fourth issue of hidden europe magazine.

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  • A London oasis: the Walthamstow Wetlands (by Rudolf Abraham)
  • A town in the Sicilian hills (by Suzanne & Andrew Edwards)
  • Ukraine: on the wrong side of the line (by Darmon Richter)
  • Reading landscape: the glacial legacy in eastern Germany

COMMUNITIES: Pedal power: the caffeine fix

SPECIAL SPACES: In search of Tesla: the road to Smiljan

MUSEUMS: Of symbols and secrets: Freemasonry narratives

PEOPLE: Rebecca West: from the Balkans to Nürnberg

FLIGHTSCAN: Connecting extremities: Shetland to Cornwall

RAILSCAN: Flashback 1971: travels of yesteryear


  • Landscapes of immunity
  • End of Shannon stopover
  • The lure of the Orient
  • End of the Ice Age
  • War trains
  • Preview of Issue 65 of hidden europe