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Susanne Kries is a rare breed in the world of travel publishing — a woman who has lived in one city all her life. Born and brought up in Berlin, Susanne has made regular forays beyond the city boundary, so cultivating an affection for offbeat communities, their cultures and their languages. Years of teaching and studying the Scandinavian and English Middle Ages and thus working in a field that lay on the margins of most university curricula left Susanne well placed for hidden europe.

Susanne is especially interested in notions of cultural identity and difference, in the evolution of languages and dialects and in going places that might involve having a meal on a train: breakfast, lunch or dinner — it matters not! When not implementing yet another upgrade to the hidden europe website, or deploying her skills in layout and design, Susanne is likely to be planning some upcoming expedition or watching a good film. Susanne can be contacted at editors [at] hiddeneurope [dot] co [dot] uk.